Google API (Map and Marker)

I always wanted to use API on my project and I was so excited, but also a bit nervous at the same time. However, I was able to pull through. If someone wants to use API but does not know where to start, then I can share my experience with the Google API process. After reading this, I hope you can be more comfortable with it.

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1. Google Account

First, if you want to use Google API you must have a Google account. Please sign up for a Google Account so that you can access the Google API (Google Account Sign up).

2. API Key from Google Developers Console

Regular expressions are extremely useful and work with many programming languages.

What is Regular Expression?

Regular Expression (regex or regexp for short) is one of the methods for processing strings and makes it very easy to process the special text string for describing a search pattern or replacing characters in specific conditions. Let’s dive in a little deeper.

1. Basic Rule of Patterns

Regular expressions are case sensitive. Each character inside the search pattern is significant including whitespace characters (space, tab, newline).
If the literal value of a special character is required, it must be escaped with a /(backslash) and a regular expression . (dot) which is any character (wild card). …

How a Middle-age Foreign Female is Developing Herself into a Software Engineer

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I live in the United States as a female foreigner from South Korea without any experience in software engineering. But now, I have chosen a challenging goal to develop myself into a software engineer late in life. If there is anyone out there in a similar situation who would like to learn and transform herself into a software engineer, I would love to inspire that person. Even for those in different circumstances, I would like to share tips, hints, and learnings so that future learners may feel motivated.

So far, I am about 4 weeks into a 15 weeks software…

Esther Kim

Software Engineer Student

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