How to start Google API

Google API (Map and Marker)

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1. Google Account

2. API Key from Google Developers Console

3. Tutorials and documentation

4. Create your React App

npm install -g npm
npx create-react-app <your-app-name>
//install dependencies
npm install --save react-google-maps

5. Import react-google-maps and other imports

import _ from "lodash";import React from "react";import { compose, withProps } from "recompose";import {
} from "react-google-maps";

6. Create a file keys.js

export default {  API_KEY: `<API Key here>`};

7. Add the Map Component

const MyMapComponent = compose(  withProps({googleMapURL: `${keys.API_KEY}&v=3.exp&libraries=geometry,drawing,places`,loadingElement: <div style={{ height: `100%` }} />,containerElement: <div style={{ height: `400px` }} />,mapElement: <div style={{ height: `100%` }} />}),withScriptjs,withGoogleMap)(props => (<GoogleMap defaultZoom={12} defaultCenter={{ lat: 40.693249, lng:  -74.057278 }}><Marker position={{ lat: 40.693249, lng: -74.057278 }} />.     </GoogleMap>));const enhance = _.identity;const ReactGoogleMaps = () => [ 
<MyMapComponent key="map" />

8. Run your Server to Test



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